6th Grade Student Services

The Student Services Department exists to support students and to facilitate learning. Your primary contact in the Student Services Office is your child’s grade-level Dean of Students. A dean is available to assist students in a variety of areas including general counseling, academic advising, attendance issues, discipline and conflict mediation. Deans also act as a bridge to your child’s teachers and can facilitate problem-solving conferences with parents, staff and students. The Student Services Department is comprised of deans, school counselors, a social worker, a police liaison officer and grade-level coordinators. 

Dean Assignments for 2021-22 School Year:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Theresa Weber-Sexton

School Counselor

Kristen Engen-Routzohn

Social Worker

Multilingual Learner Supports

St. Louis Park Middle School values our community of diverse learners. The goal of the Multilingual Learners program is to develop students’ academic English language proficiency so they can access the content and fully participate in their grade level classes. Service and support decisions are made based on the individual student’s strengths and needs. Students in the EL Program: 

  • Speak languages other than English at home 
  • Are born in the U.S. or have come to the U.S. at some point during their schooling
  • Participate in the ACCESS test each year to measure their academic English language development 
  • Are in co-taught core content classes, reading classes, and English Language Development classes, depending on proficiency level 

Health Services

The Health Services Office at St. Louis Park Middle School has a Health Aide and a Licensed School Nurse. The Health Aide performs daily health related duties, dispenses daily medications and monitors students who visit the health office during the school day. The Licensed School Nurse (assigned to multiple buildings) provides support and assists in medical emergencies.

Jeanelle Rasmussen, BSN, RN, LSN

Licensed School Nurse

Julie Walsh

Health Aide

Special Education

Special education services are provided for students based upon their educational needs. Their individual education plan (IEP) provides a framework for meeting those needs. The teachers within the special education program assist the students in the general education classroom as well as in a resource setting. They conference and collaborate with general education staff to accommodate the students to give them the support they need to work towards and attain their individual goals and objectives on their IEP. The goals and objectives in reading, writing, and math are in compliance with all state standards. Some of the classes offered in special education are:

  • Reading Support
  • Writing Skills 
  • Social Emotional Learning 
  • Skills Development 
  • Other alternative classes in Individuals & Societies, Language & Literature, Math, and Science are offered to students to support their specific needs.

Other Special Education services may include Speech/Language, consultative Occupational Therapy, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Audiology, Physical Impairment or Visual Impairment support.