About Spanish Immersion

At Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School, we are very proud of our amazing learners and our outstanding immersion program. Our school was founded in 1996; we were one of the first immersion schools in Minnesota. Our current staff members were born in more than ten different countries. These phenomenal individuals collaborate with our families and work tirelessly to ensure that our students flourish academically and socially—at their individual levels.

It is a pleasure for me to blend my love of teaching and learning with the Spanish language and its diverse cultures. I was previously an elementary and junior high Spanish immersion teacher for seven years. Since 2000, I have had the privilege to work for St. Louis Park Public Schools in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities, formerly as Assistant Principal at St. Louis Park Junior High School and as Principal of Susan Lindgren Intermediate Center. The 2020-2021 school year marks my 11th year serving as the PSI Principal.

Our remarkable staff members and I look forward to working with our community to educate our children in both Spanish and English.

Dr. Corey Maslowski

Principal Dr. Corey Maslowski

Spanish Curriculum And Instruction​

At Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School, students learn reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and other subject areas while immersed in the Spanish language. The curricular content and outcomes are aligned with the District’s other elementary schools, however students are instructed primarily in Spanish. At the end of fifth grade, students leave PSI speaking Spanish fluently and with mastery of the core academic subjects. Spanish culture comes alive at PSI through teachers who are native Spanish speakers or those who have traveled or lived abroad and have an excellent understanding of other cultures and the value of global education.

Classroom Teachers Have Strong Fluency in both English and Spanish
Students learn all the core academic subjects
students leave PSI speaking Spanish fluently

English Instruction and Language Literacy

In the Spanish classroom setting, starting on the first day of kindergarten, all instruction is in Spanish. Students may use English initially, but their classroom teachers respond in Spanish. As students become more accustomed to hearing and understanding the Spanish language, they are encouraged to express themselves in Spanish.

Starting in second grade, students begin formal English classes to work on comprehension, spelling, writing, grammar, and decoding for reading accuracy and fluency. In third grade, reading strategies are strengthened. Students continue to work on spelling rules and writing skills. The amount of English language arts instruction increases through fifth grade. The English teachers work in tandem with the Spanish classroom teachers to plan together to help students in both languages.

PSI students have the same English language outcomes as the students in the other three St. Louis Park elementary schools. At every grade level, daily reading, in both English and Spanish is essential for the child’s language development.

PSI has other English classes to support learners. English reading intervention is offered for students needing additional support and English Language Learner classes are offered for students whose home language is not English.

About Immersion Education

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